Jupitice Managed Private Digital Court

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Jupitice design the Best Custom ADR System for its clients as per their needs and offers “All-In-One Place Services”
Get cost effective and Fast Innovative & Reimagined Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation services through our professionally set-up “Private Digital Court” administered and managed by Jupitice”s Case Management Team for quality and errors free decision

Managed Private Digital Court

One Platform - All Online

File your claim or case to our Private Digital Court, just like going to at traditional court, to seek decision under Private Justice System. We design a best custom ADR System for our clients and offers “All-In-One Place” Services through our professionally setup Private Digital Court, administered by Jupitice Team.

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Here’s How it can Benefits You

One Platform - All Online

Access from Anywhere, Anytime & Any Device

  • 85%+ Savings in Resolution Cost
  • 85%+ Faster Resolution Time
  • 65%+ Improvement in Higher Quality Outcomes
  • 55%+ Reduction in Awards Challenge Rate
  • Just file your claim and forget it – We will chase you
  • Delivery ADR Services through its Private Digital Court just like going to court but digitally with Minus of its Pains Points
  • Our Neutrals are best in world with high level of Independence, fairness and Impartiality
  • Next Generation Digital Court enabled by Ultra Advanced and high and first class services with complete Digital justice ecosystem
  • ADR Proceedings Supported by highly professional and experienced Court Management Team
  • Global Access
  • We offer Smart ADR Services through the court just @ less than 5% of Claim Amount
  • Conduct or Perform End-to-End ADR Proceedings or Process in the court, just like going to court, from the Comforts of Your Home or Your Office
  • One-Stop-Shop – All-In-One
  • ADR Proceedings under the Overseeing & Supervision by & of Jupitice Advisory Board
  • Free Online Training & Technical Support
  • Open 24X7, 365 days
  • Easy Self-Representation