Arbitration Global Panel

Jupitice Global Neutral, Lawyers & ExpertsHub

To assist users to search or invite for appropriate Arbitrators, Conciliators, Mediator, Negotiator, Lawyers and Experts (ADR Professionals) for their matters, we maintainan Independent ADR Hub.

Jupitice ADR Hub comprises independent ADR respected and elite professionals (Individuals and Firms) being aggregated from across the globe having multilingual capabilities and have demonstrated extensive expertise and experience in multiple disputes and in award drafting. It includes prominent attorneys, retired state and federal judges, academics, as well as highly skilled business executives, legal experts and dispute resolution professionals who are particularly qualified to resolve all business disputes including those involving multi-national corporations or issues of public sensitivity.

Admission to the JUPITICE Global Hub can only be taken after an individual or firm is reviewed and approved by Jupitice Advisory Board. JUPITICE Advisory Board is comprised of Independent prominent attorneys, retired state and federal judges, Legal and other experts.

Jupitice ADR Professionals are independent contractors. They have no ownership interest in JUPITICE Global Hub.

By default, subject to JUPITICE’S Rules and self-administered processes provide that the parties may choose their own arbitrator or conciliator or mediator or party-appointed arbitrator without assistance.

They would be suitable for appointment in all type of disputes whether high value or smaller value cases or highly complex or less complex.

You can choose not only world-renowned ADR professionals but those knowing your language or from your country or from or near to your city or town.

If you want our help to appoint arbitrator or mediator or conciliator or Arbitral Tribunal or want to create your customized Neutral Panel, Jupitice can help you in this. We follow world best practices and processes in Appointing Services. Our appointment process includes profiling, Identification, evaluation, ranking and selection of the arbitrator(s). Jupitice charges a lump sum fixed fee per Arbitrator. Fee depends on the subject matter expertise, complexity & other factors.

Jupitice Boutique Global Neutral Panel

Jupitice also maintains its own Boutique Neutral Panel. If you don’t want to spend time and efforts relating to identification to negotiation to selection, you can also choose your own Neutral from Jupitice Global neutral Panel. Jupitice Panel comprises of prominent attorneys and retired judges retired handpicked by our Advisory board from across the globe.