Case Management Services for Arbitration

We provide professional administration of Arbitration Proceedings in case the parties have chosen to use Jupitice Service Delivery Platform to conduct the Arbitration Proceedings Online. The entire arbitration proceeding is administered by a dedicated team of professionals comprised of Lawyers & MBAs under the professionals monitoring and supervision of the Advisory Board. so that all the Stakeholders involved in the dispute resolution process remain focused on the core activities rather than spending time on Administrative activities. This will not only facilitate the dispute resolution process but would also significantly reduce the resolution time too.

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Administered Arbitration Services

Jupitice will provide the following Court Management & Case Administration Services under the Jupitice Case Manager:-

  • Provision of Arbitration Procedural Rules
  • Tailor-made Blue Print & Management
  • Appointment of Arbitrators (Profiling, Identification, Ranking, Negotiation & Selection)
  • Challenge to Arbitral Tribunal
  • Confirming & Replacing Arbitrator as entrusted by Arbitration Rules
  • Overseeing Emergency Proceedings before the start of Arbitration
  • Financial Management of the Arbitration (Fixing of Tribunal Fee & other terms of appointment, Regular rendering of accounts, Collecting deposits towards the cost of Arbitration, Processing the Tribunal Fee & Expenses)
  • Case Administration Services (Communication Management, Events Management, Calendar Management, Documents Management, Facilitation, Hearing Management etc.)
  • Monitoring the Arbitral Process/ Procedural Rules to ensure compliance & milestone dates and advising the parties & Tribunals when they are not meeting with the Procedural Rules, Arbitration Law and to ensure efficiency
  • Supervising functions entrusted by the Arbitration Rules
  • Scrutinizing and approving all Arbitral Awards to ensure quality & enforceability (formatting as per Law, typographical & clerical errors etc.)
  • Providing Assistance for obtaining certified copies
  • Providing assistance for arranging Interpretation & Transcription Services
  • Assistance for arranging Experts