Documents Review Services

Documents Review Services

We provide Documents Review Services through our Associate company AerenLPO. ( Aeren LPO is one of the leading Legal Outsourcing Company in India that offers various legal services through world leading technology e-Discovery platforms to Fortune 500 companies and 100 AmLaw Firm.

A specialized team of attorneys and Project Managers conducts sensitive and detailed document in accordance with a protocol and written training manual, which is approved by Client and Client’s legal counsel.

Our Document Review services at its initial level refer to examination of numerous documents that are identified for relevancy and responsive to the issues of a particular case. In the further stage of this process the documents are also looked for privilege and redactions so as to withhold such documents from production and redacted for content.

Partnering with us will surge your document review efficiency, aiding you to better control costs and reduce the complication and risk of discovery and compliance.

Our experienced team helps client with the following jobs:

  • Reviewing and coding documents for Responsiveness
  • Reviewing documents for Privilege and Confidentiality
  • Coding documents on the basis of issues with the concept of subjective criteria
  • Objective and Bibliographic Coding

Aeren’s Activities and Procedure for Project Administration:

  • Initial client communication to initiate the project
  • Protocol or memorandum exchange.
  • Population information and estimated number of documents to be reviewed.
  • Conflict check over the authorized population if any.
  • Protocol or guidelines sharing with review team before taking Project kick off call with client.
  • Appropriate parties for the project kick off call with client.
  • Kick off call with the client.
  • Information of the platform to be used to complete the review process.
  • Deadline to complete the review.
  • Staffing calculator – the number of reviewers need to be calculated to complete the task within deadline if any.
  • User credentials and coding panel creation by the hosting team or Aeren Senior managers.
  • Work with Aeren IT Support to ensure third party database functionality on the assigned workstations.
  • Evaluate the quality of data at higher level for e.g. missing text; illegible text; missing native files, etc.
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