ODR Services

What is ODR

Under this category, we offer one type of service i.e. ODR Service. ODR is a New Dispute Resolution Mechanism recognized & adopted by UN on 13 December 2016 vide a resolution No. 71/138-Technical Notes on Online Dispute Resolution of the UNCITRAL, for the purpose of resolving the B2C & B2B mainly cross-border disputes focusing on low value and high volume transaction by leveraging ICT, AI & other modern Technologies etc. This is a simple, fast, flexible and secure dispute resolution method.

ODR is a three stage proceedings that starts with negotiation. If negotiation fails then it is escalated to Mediation. If mediation fails, then it will be moved to Arbitration. However, Section IX UNCITRAL Technical Notes on ODR, say that if the neutral has not succeeded in mediation, it is desirable that the ODR administrator or neutral informs the parties of the nature of the final stage and the form that it might take.

We own, operate, administer & co-ordinates ODR Platform & ODR Proceedings to provide ODR Service under the Jupitice ODR Procedural Rules. Jupitice ODR Procedural Rules have been drafted on the basis of Model Procedural Rules for the APEC Collaborative Framework for ODR of cross-border B2B disputes & UNCITRAL Technical Notes on Online Dispute Resolution. We have a panel of Elite & Experienced Arbitrators, Mediators & Negotiators (ADR Professionals) aggregated from across the Globe. We provide tailored made Panel of ADR Professionals of International Standards experienced having different professional expertise across different industries relevant to the case at hand. Appointments are made on the basis of relevant subject matter expertise, knowledge and track record to our clients.

We make sure that the entire proceedings from filing to settlement or award are in compliance with the Procedural Rules. We further make sure that the Arbitrators & Mediators appointed are experienced and expert relevant to the case at hand. We do not insist upon our clients to adapt Jupitice ODR Procedural Rules. We always maintain the fair balance between all the participants.

The entire stages of dispute resolution is supervised by our Advisory Board which is comprised of Retd. Judges, Sr. Lawyers, Sr. Chartered Accountants/ CPAs. The Advisory Board’s main functions include the appointment of relevant arbitrators & mediators, as well as overall supervision of case administration.

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