How much I need to Pay

How much I need to Pay

ADR Practitioners will pay Jupitice a service fee @ 18% of the total fee clients pay to the ADR Practitioner, for the use of the Site Services, including creation, maintenance & up gradation of website page/ Online Global ADR Office, Case Management Tool, communication tools, document management tools, invoicing, reporting, dispute resolution & payment services, including facilitating arbitration services, Jupitice Seller Protection, Jupitice Guarantee etc. (the “Service Fees”). Where and whenever relevant, may also collect taxes on Service Fees. The Service Fees (to use the Site Services) are paid solely by ADR Practitioner.

When a Client pays a ADR Practitioner for a Case, the fee is deposited in the Escrow Account maintained by Jupitice. when funds related to a Case are released to a ADR Practitioner as required by the applicable Escrow Instructions Jupitice will pay the ADR Practitioner for the full amount paid or released by the Client, after deducting the Service Fee.

ADR Practitioner do irrevocably authorizes and instructs Jupitice to deduct the Service Fee before making or releasing the payment to ADR Practitioners. In the event the ADR Practitioner chooses to withdraw funds in a currency other than U.S. dollars, there may also be a foreign currency conversion charge imposed by Jupitice and the rate may differ from rates that are in effect on the date of the payment and you may be able to obtain a better rate from your bank or financial institution.

ADR Practitioners will pay Jupitice a disbursement fee for remitting payments to their preferred payment method (“Disbursement Fee”). The Disbursement Fee is paid to Jupitice in consideration of costs incurred and administration of disbursements via the disbursement method requested by ADR Practitioner and varies by disbursement method.

In addition to fees charged by Jupitice, your disbursement method may also charge activation, maintenance, or other account fees.