How Do We Do It?

Today, there is no Global Address or Local Address where disputing parties can find their or her Neutrals and conduct the dispute resolution proceedings. Further, it is not easy to find ADR Professionals that match your relevant case in hand. Besides, conducting the proceedings through the use of physical infrastructure is not only inconvenient but also very expensive, time consuming & unsecured.

Recognizing the true need of a Platform that can enable all the participants to perform all the aspects of dispute resolution on One Platform without any or minimal manual work or outside platform, Jupitice has designed and developed first Globally ultra-advanced AI driven “Justice Technology Cloud Based Platform” (JUSTECH). This Platform has been designed & developed under “One Platform, One Data & Code-It-Yourself Approach” so that End-to-End Dispute Resolution Process can be performed exclusively on the Platform Online without Manual Work for better performance, efficiency & data security without the need for face-to-face meetings & physical filings at any stage of the Process. This is aimed at eliminating physical presence of disputing parties, Neutrals, Attorneys, Witnesses and Experts i.e. In- Person Proceedings.

You can perform the entire End-to-End Dispute Resolution from Initiation to Judgment i.e. Case Initiation, Neutral Appointment, Initial Pleadings, Preliminary Hearing, Discovery, Trial Preparation, Witness, Evidence, Arguments to Award & Settlement.

Our 50+ advanced Modules & Tools developed in-house have digitized & automated all the procedures & processes of ADR Mechanism by maintaining the fair balance between Human and Technology. This will simplify the journey of all the participants through the Dispute Resolution Process to have game changing experience. This will further help us to store all types of data at one place to ensure highest level of data security & minimal asymmetry of information.

Our Platform supports all the dispute resolution methods, dispute types & global legal system. It enables the participants to customize & build their own workflow within option to use pre-built blue prints.

There is no need to go to expensive hotels or to travel distances or to hire expensive conference rooms, video conferencing systems, use of legal library, Administrative Services and many more. You can find, evaluate, negotiate & hire the ADR Professionals from across the globe or near you. You can now resolve the disputes through Any Device while sitting in the comforts of your home.

This Platform is compatible with The UNCITRAL Arbitration Model Law, UNICITRAL Arbitration Rules and Others Procedural Rules of leading global Arbitral Institutions or ADR Centre.

  • • Arbitration
  • • Conciliation
  • • Mediation
  • • Negotiation