What is Private Digital Court

What is Jupitice “Private Digital Court” As a "As Service" than a "Place"

Setup & Customize Your Own Private Digital Court

We offer “Private Digital Court” as a Service than a Place, owned & operated by us, to resolve the disputes.

We have created & designed Jupitice Private Digital Court to resolve disputes under Private Justice System through ADR Mechanisms. Different Courts for different ADR Methods have been created such as Digital Arbitration Court for Arbitration, Digital Mediation Court for Mediation, Digital Conciliation Court for Conciliation etc. It is just like going to the Traditional Court but digitally MINUS its pain points.

Our Private Digital Court is a Digital Mirror of Traditional Court transformed digitally with Ultra-Advanced Digital Infrastructure & First Class Services and powered by complete digital justice Eco-system that will enable you to resolve the disputes from the comforts of your home or place anytime & from anywhere. Just like Traditional Court where all the stages from filing to decision are performed in physical or offline world likewise in Jupitice Digital Court, you can file your case, pay filing & professional fee, submit documents and tender evidences, examine & cross-examine witnesses and experts, present arguments, build awards & settlements and carryout all other incidental and necessary tasks all BUT ALL ONLINE on Single Platform supported by Ultra-Advanced 50+ Software & Tools to reduce the dispute resolution time & cost.

It is a flexible Platform where you can setup & customize “Digital Court” on your own according to the Procedural Rules adopted & by using the Pre-Built Case Workflow or customizing the Case Workflow, assisted by professional Court Management Team.

Jupitice Digital Court self-administered processes allow parties to conduct an arbitration or mediation without the help of an administering body. However, given the varying nature of complex commercial disputes, there may be some situations in which limited administration may be needed for a given type of case or case load. For these matters, Jupitice staff stands ready to assist parties in proactively addressing disputes and accelerating resolution. In these instances, assisted dispute resolution services – like customized neutral selection services, fund holding, award review, and serving non-respondents – may be provided upon request of the parties. In this approach, parties only pay for the services that they use. By merging the flexibility of a self-administered resolution process with occasional administrative support, the assisted resolution approach offers parties the best of both worlds.

To avail this Service, you need to subscribe Private Digital Court under SaaS Model or On Premises Model.

Key Elements of Jupitice Private Digital Court All – In – One Place

  • e-Filing Module - You can file your pleadings, evidences etc.
  • Discovery Module – You can find your own Neutrals & Attorneys for your case on our AI Powered Discovery Platform where we have aggregated Premier, Qualified & Experienced Professionals from across the world and around you having multilingual capabilities at Great Fee. This Platform further enables you to evaluate, negotiate & sing-up the Service Contract with your selected match all Online. Alternatively, Jupitice can assist you in expediting the appointment of Neutrals by providing you with a customized Panel for faster selection.
  • Procedural Rules – – Like Judicial Courts in India where due process as prescribed in the Code of Civil Procedure 1908 is complied with for dispute resolution, likewise in Private Justice System you can customize your due process or adopt UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules or Arbitration Procedural Rules prescribed by leading Arbitral Institutions for the purpose of dispute resolution. Our Digital Court is compatible with all types of Procedural Rules. Please click here to find & select various Procedural Rules or build your custom Procedural Rules.
  • Dispute Resolution Platform This Platform is Ultra Advanced Powered by AI & Block chain Technologies that enables and facilitates all the participants to perform End-to-End Dispute Resolution Processes i.e. Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation, Negotiation etc., from filing to decision, All Online on a Single Platform without performing any task outside the Platform to ensure centralized data and reducing dispute resolution time.
  • Court Management Team – Our highly professional, knowledgeable & experienced Court Management Team under a Court Manager will assist and co-ordinate the Dispute Resolution Process from beginning to end and will act as a Communication Channel and perform all necessary tasks required by the Digital Court. For more details, Please click here
  • Eco-System ServicesOur Digital Court also offer several types of Value-Added Services like Case Administration Services, Tribunal Secretary, Personal Secretary, Para-Legal, Legal Research Professionals, Transcription, Translation, Legal Database, Template Library and many more to ensure that all the participants can save cost & time besides One-Stop-Shop experience for the purpose of expediting the dispute resolution.
  • Online Payment Services – Our Digital Court offer options for multiple payment methods for filing fee, Neutral Fee, Lawyer Fee, Jupitice Fee etc.