Jupitice Managed Arbitration Services

An Administered Arbitration or Institutional Arbitration is one in which an insittution will administer the conduct of arbitration proceedings. The insititution does not itself resolve the dispute but administer the resolution of dispute. The institution administer the arbitration proceedings in accordance with its owned Arbitration Procedural Rules as well as leading Third Parties such as ICC, HKIAC, SIAC, LICA etc. and UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules.

We provide Administered Arbitration Services through our “Jupitice Global Digital Court of Arbitration (JGDCA)".Although we use court in name, we do not make formal judgments on disputed matters. Instead, we stricktly monitor & supervise the arbitration proceedings. JGDCA is managed by our Advisory Board which is comprised of Retd. Judges, Sr. Lawyers, Sr. Chartered Accountants/ CPAs. The Advisory Board is assisted by a team of over 25 professionals that includes but not limited to Lawyers, CAs, MBAs & Graduates recruited from best Colleges & Universities in India. The Advisory Board’s main functions include the appointment of arbitrators, as well as overall supervision of case administration.

We allocate a dedicated team of Lawyers & MBAs to high value and complxed disputes.

We do not make formal judgments on disputed matters, but offer supervision and administrative services of arbitration proceedings. Our purpose is to ensure proper application of the selected Rules, as well as assist parties and arbitrators in overcoming procedural obstacles.

We provide services to businesses, individuals, governements & NGOs by providing customized solutions.

We have also developed our own Arbitraiton Procedural Rules but we are flexible to use Third Parties and UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules.

Below are the key services that are included in the Administered Arbitration Services:-

  • Channel of Communications & Safety of Documents
  • Appointment of Arbitrators
  • Financial Management
  • Case Management
  • Supervisory & Control Functions
  • Strict Compliance of Procedural Rules
  • Scruitiny & Approval of Awards

English & Hindi are our official working languages. However, we can administer cases in any language and communicate in all major languages, including Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

We continuously seek to improve efficiency, control time and costs and aid enforcement and confidentiality by introducing innovative new arbitration tools and procedures. This ongoing focus makes certain that we are always in touch with the concerns and interests of trading partners throughout the world.