Jupitice Moderator Services

Jupitice Moderator Services

Jupitice Court Manager will provide the following Administrative Services in respect of the Case:-

  • Single Point of Contact & Communication Channel - To act as a Communication Channel between parties to Arbitral Tribunal and vice-versa and between the parties, Sending Invitations, Notices & Documents
  • Blue Print Modification & Management
  • Hearing Management -Setting-up Room for Hearings & Deliberations
  • Calendar Management
  • Technical Support Services on Demand

Disclaimer :-

The use of word “Court” in our name does not mean that Jupitice makes formal judgments on disputed matters. We offer Digital Mirror of Traditional Court with digital infrastructure and Management Services to facilitate the dispute resolution to deliver “One-Stop-Shop” experience.

The use of word “Private” in our name means that Jupitice court is designed crated for private justice system arbitration, conciliation, mediation & negotiation.