Negotiation Platform Capabilities


Under this, the interaction in the system shall be with the Intelligent Agents (IA) – AI on one side and Disputing Party on the other side. The aim is to reach Agreements through an Iterative Process of making offers, bargaining & taking joint decisions to resolve their disputes.

AI-Assisted Negotiation

Under this, AI will assist & guide both the parties i.e. Claimant & Respondent to a Solution.

Blind Bidding Tool

It refers to the process of the parties selecting & ranking options. This process involves each party submitting 3 bids – for the Claimant from the lowest they are willing to accept upto their ideal and for the Respondent from the highest they are willing to pay downwards. Each bid is matched with each other and the dispute is automatically resolved if the claimant bid is equal to or less than the respondent bid.


Negotiations can take place on a “without prejudice” basis. This means that any statements made by either side seeking to settle the dispute cannot later be submitted to the court to be used against another party in determining the dispute. Negotiation and settlement tend to be more cost-effective than court proceedings or a protracted dispute.

Diagnosis & Self Help

This sophisticated Diagnostic Tool will help the users triage & resolve their issues before creating a case. This will help Disputing Parties through a wizard & by following Guided Pathway Systems and other processes determine if they have a legal issue, diagnose the problem, and provide focused, relevant information about their legal rights and obligations. This further helps in knowing the weakness & strength of his/her legal problem. This also helps parties narrow the focus of negotiation to key issues and reduce some conflicts by reducing the exchange of unnecessary information that may include potentially emotionally charged information. It also helps to narrow down the information & evidence that are required for the settlement of dispute besides guiding what information & documents will be required to strengthen the case. This will also guide the process & procedures under the law or otherwise for filing the complaint or claim. Since not all disputes & complaints involve legal issues, a good diagnosis tool can help prevent un-meritorious complaints & disputes. The early understanding will save the user’s time, expenses & health.