Dispute Resolution Platform Pricing Model

Dispute Resolution Platform Pricing Model

We provide Jupitice’s Justice Delivery Platform as “Software as a Service” (SaaS), which is owned, hosted, operated & managed by Jupitice. It works like a Rent Model (Licensing) where our clients take our Platform on Rent and Pay us periodically Subscription Fee for using the Software Services that includes hosting & license fee.. You need not to have any hardware or software to buy, install, maintain or update. You just need an Internet connection. We have different structure of Subscription Fee based on ADR Processes i.e Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation, Negotiation etc. The subscription is charged on the basis of Tired Pricing based on Claim amount in dispute.

Our Clients can independently use the Justice Delivery Platform without using the Case Manager Service from Jupitice. This option is useful for Ad-Hoc Arbitration and Arbitral Institutions/ ADR Centers. This option can also be used for Mock Arbitration. However, We provide various Ecosystem Services to Our client to offer the best experience as ONE STOP SHOP. You can choose add-On services such as Case Management Services, Tribunal Secretary, Clerical Services, Transcription, Interpreter etc.

SAAS Model Features
  • It is centrally hosted
  • We host the product, marketplace and database
  • Client pays a Subscription
  • Licence to use only

Under this Model, software is deployed/ hosted on the private dedicated server at client’s location and operated by the Client. This term is really synonymous with “Self Hosted”.

On-Premises Model Features
  • Client hosts the product, marketplace and the database on their own
  • Client pays one lump sum upfront and a subscription
  • Licence to use within themselves only

It operates just like SaaS Model with a difference that the Platform is hosted, managed & maintained by Jupitice under its own brand but is managed by the Franchisee under Jupitice Brand for a particular territory. Such Franchisee is offered for a particular territory or class of clients etc. This Model is offered under Revenue Sharing Model. We charge one-time fee at the time of signing the Franchise Agreement.

Franchise Model Features
  • We host the product, marketplace and database
  • Client Pays a lump sum setup, a fixed component subscription and a percentage of the profit.
  • Licence to have other SAAS clients as their own and resale further but cannot make changes to code or resell
  • A separate management console and admin panels
  • Create and manage accounts for clients