ADR vs Litigation

ADR vs Litigation


  • Less Formal than Litigation
  • Freedom to Choose the Procedural Rules
  • More Accessible than Litigation
  • Ability to choose their own Neutral
  • The Arbitral Award has the same value as an Ordinary Judiciary Judgment
  • Ability of Parties to Appoint Neutral with Specialist Knowledge
  • Relaxed discovery
  • Relaxed rules of evidence
  • Simplified, Flexible & Customized Procedural Rules
  • Saves substantial time & efforts
  • Quicker results
  • Drastically reduced cost of dispute resolution
  • Maintains good relationships
  • Private & Confidential
  • Limited Avenues of Appeal
  • A Binding Decision by a Non-Judge i.e. a Neutral
  • Global Jurisdiction


  • Adversary Dispute Resolution Systems – Nurtures Distrust, Distortion & Animosity
  • Exorbitant Cost of Resolving Disputes
  • Damages & Ruptures relationship due to producing of enough acrimony
  • Tarnished Reputations
  • Eats up enormous sums of money, time & efforts
  • Highly Stressful & Harassment
  • Win or Lose Outcomes
  • It discloses trade secrets, valuable proprietary information, business & personal behavior etc. in Public Forum
  • Procedure & Decision Governed, Restricted & Controlled by Statues
  • Limited Jurisdiction
  • A Formal Proceedings held in Public
  • It has avenues of Appeal
  • Adjudication of the Case by a Judge

Disclaimer :-

The use of word “Court” in our name does not mean that Jupitice makes formal judgments on disputed matters . We offer a digital mirror of Traditional Court transformed digitally with Ultra-Advanced Digital Infrastructure & First Class Services and powered by complete digital justice Eco-system, “As A Service Than A Place”

The use of word “Private” in our name means that Jupitice court is designed created for private justice system arbitration, conciliation, mediation & negotiation.