Dispute Resolution Platform

What is Dispute Resolution Platform

We offer “Dispute Resolution Platform” as a Service.

The goal of this Service is to provide the Dispute Resolution Platform to the ADR Practitioners and/ or Disputant Parties to enable them to perform disputes Online on their own. This Service only includes the Platform and Moderator Services.

The Dispute Resolution Platform offers all the abilities to all the Participants & Stakeholders to perform end to-end Dispute Resolution Process i.e. all Stages, Events, Tasks & Steps all on Single Platform without the need for carrying out any task Off-Platform. This is further aimed to eliminate the face-to-face meetings at any stage of the Process to drive cost & time efficiency.

The Platform is assisted by a “Jupitice Moderator”, a technical assistance to assist all the participants for the seamless use of Platform to facilitate the Dispute Resolution Process.

We offer these Services under “SaaS Subscription Model” & “On Premises Model”.

Just for more introduction about the Platform, we have designed & built the World’s first ultra-advanced & Innovative Zero Contact Cloud Based End-to-End Service Delivery Platform” (JUSTECH) for Private Justice System that has been designed & developed by leveraging New Age Technologies i.e., ICT Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Cloud Computing, IOT, Neural Learning on Translation, Soft Robot, Smart Contract etc.

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