Managed Private Digital Court

What is Managed Private Digital Court

Managed Private Digital Court Services is our special services where we design the best ADR System that matches the needs of our clients and provide Case management services to administer and manage the ADR proceedings for quality and error free results. We deploy a highly experienced and proficient dedicated and exclusive Case management Team to manage our client’s disputes. To build in speed and efficiency, our case management team set up a well-configured and tailored Private Digital court and its eco-system in robust manner by using their Expertise & Case Workflows built by our Experts inline with selected procedures .

Jupitice fully understand the challenge of selecting the best neutral with the right set of skills. Choosing the wrong neutral can adversely affect the outcome of the dispute, which, in turn, can have a long-term impact on business relationships and the bottom line. This is particularly important for arbitral proceedings because arbitral decisions are typically final and binding. Thus, selecting the right neutral is critical and therefore our case management team uses their expertise and assists the clients for choosing and appointing the best neutral . Jupitice has created & harnessed handpicked exclusive “Boutique Global Panel” of independent Premier Neutrals to offer the Global Best Neutrals to its clients in their language having relevant expertise & experience. We do profiling, Identification, evaluation, ranking and selection of the arbitrator(s) and other neutral by following our robust selection process. We offer a list of Five (5) Arbitrators or Conciliators to be chosen by the Dispute Parties that matches their requirements relevant to the case in hand. Our Boutique panel are comprised of neutrals those are fully trained and experienced to resolve the disputes in accordance with the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and other Global Procedural Rules. This helps our clients not to waste their time & efforts to find, evaluate, negotiate & appoint the Neutrals, which will intern delay the resolution time. Choosing the wrong neutral can further adversely affect the outcome of the dispute which, in turn, can have a long-term impact on business relationships and the bottom line.

Our Case Management team works, in fact, manages our clients Litigation department so that all the Stakeholders involved in the dispute resolution process remain focused on the core and high value legal tasks rather than spending time and efforts on Administrative activities. This will not only facilitate the dispute resolution process but would also significantly reduce the resolution time too. We do manage delay, costs & quality. We make sure that the entire proceedings from filing to award are in compliant with the Procedural Rules. We do not only administer the Arbitration Proceedings that are conducted in accordance with our Procedural Rules but also effectively administer the proceedings under UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, Custom Procedural Rules or any other Procedural Rules formulated by leading Arbitral Institutions. We do not insist upon the parties to adapt Jupitice Online International Arbitration Rules. We always maintain the fair balance between all the participants.

Our highly professional, knowledgeable & experienced Digital Court Management Team under its Senior Court Manager will carry out Court functions with high level of professionalism to streamline Dispute Resolution Process for the entire duration i.e. from beginning to end. They will be a Single Communication Channel for all the participants and perform all necessary tasks required by the Digital Court.

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