What Do We Do?

Jupitice is the world first Online Service Marketplace in Justice Service Sector which not only offers abilities to identify the Justice Service Provider you need and to complete the transaction by appointing & pay them online but also offers the abilities to deliver or perform end to end ADR proceedings or dispute resolution, all online in single platform without any physical interaction.

This market place offers End-to-End services relating to ADR or Dispute Resolution in flexible manner, which have been grouped into 4 Categories as under:-

Jupitice Services Categories

  • Smart ADR Services – We offer End-to-End Smart ADR Services that includes Arbitration Services, Conciliation Services, Mediation Services, Assisted Negotiation Services, ODR Services, Early Neutral Evaluation Services through our World’s First “Private Digital Court”,

  • Dispute Resolution Platform Services – Jupitice has designed and developed World’s first ultra-advanced & Innovative Cloud Based End-to-End Dispute Resolution Platform” (JUSTECH) for Private Justice System by leveraging New Age Technologies i.e., ICT Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Cloud Computing, IOT, Neural Learning on Translation, Soft Robot, Smart Contract etc. This is aimed at eliminating the physical presence of all the participants to perform end to-end Dispute Resolution Process within the Platform itself without the need for face-to-face meetings at any stage of the Process i.e. In-Person Proceedings and removal of traditional/ physical Proceedings Room & other Physical Infrastructures.
    The Platform is compatible with all types of Dispute Resolution Methods, The UNCITRAL Arbitration Model Law, UNICITRAL Arbitration Rules and all other type of Procedural Rules of leading global Arbitral Institutions & ADR Centers.
    You can subscribe the Platform under SaaS and On Premises Model without using our ADR Practitioner Services

  • Find & Hire Neutrals Services - Find & Appoint ADR Practitioners,
    Jupitice has aggregated world premiere ADR Service providers from around the world and near you having diverse experience, specialties in key areas and multilingual capabilities. You can find and appoint your right match through our AI Powered Search Engine or by posting your requirements or following the recommendations of our AI Tools, for free.
    Alternatively, you can use the paid Jupitice Hiring Services to select & appoint the right match without spending time in finding, evaluation & negotiation.

  • Value Added Services – We also offers several ecosystem services that add greater value to seamlessly complete the cycle of dispute resolution to further reduce the resolution time while having One Stop Shop experience