Who Are We?

The world’s first end-to-end private digital court is ready to take on the bull by its horns, aiming to bridge the ever-growing world justice gap through the private justice system.

Jupitice is a technology company that focuses on E-commerce for Justice Services across the globe under the Private Justice System. Jupitice believes in Justice as a “Service than a Place”.

We have designed, built & operate World’s First Private Digital Court – a Next Generation Platform that connects Disputants with ADR Practitioners i.e. Arbitrators, Conciliators, Mediators, Assisted Negotiators, Lawyers etc. to find & hire their own Neutrals and Lawyers to seek their Dispute Resolution Services and further enables all the Participants to perform the End-to-End Dispute Resolution Process on its Ultra-Advanced, Innovative & Zero Contact Dispute Resolution Platform, supplemented by several Eco-System Services to offer optimal outcomes.

It was in the year 2006 when Mr. Raman Aggarwal, a successful serial entrepreneur and renowned Indian Chartered Accountant, started a Legal Process Outsourcing Services under AEREN LPO, out of his portfolio of many businesses relating to technology industry, targeting the US legal market. Very soon, with the introduction of Mr. Shrey Aggarwal, a budding & promising Lawyer, the company grew many folds and started providing litigation support and business services to Fortune 500 companies like Google, Yahoo, Booking.com, Pepsi, etc. and AmLaw 100 firms.

Intrigued by how the advancements in technology were shaping the world, Mr. Aggarwal strategically dwelled on comprehending the use of technology in the legal world. Throughout his thorough research over a span of 10 years, he found out that dispute is a by-product of any relation- personal or business and business transactions that has a multi-dimensional impact and built domain expertise over 12 years by providing dispute resolution services to fortune 500 companies like Google, Yahoo, Booking, Pepsi, HP and many more through Aeren LPO.

Born out of the core issues of 5 billions people not having access to justice, long delays and higher resolution cost, Jupitice was formed in the year 2019 to leverage the domain expertise built over 12 years. Jupitice has designed and created the World’s First “Private Digital Court” for Private Justice System to resolve disputes Online. Mr. Aggarwal found three major drawbacks in the Private Justice System, one there is no global address like Traditional Court where one knows where to go to file one’s dispute, secondly relating to how to find ADR Practitioners such as Arbitrators, Conciliators, Mediators etc. and the last but not the least relating to digitalization of Private Justice System. This led to the creation of Jupitice- a Private Digital Court under the Private Justice System. Digital Mirror of Traditional Court transformed digitally with Ultra-Advanced Digital Infrastructure & First Class Services and powered by complete digital justice Eco-system, “As A Service Than A Place” to provide Arbitration, Conciliation & Mediation Services etc. All Online, from the comforts of your home or place anytime, anywhere from any device just like going to the Court but MINUS its pain points.

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