What is Conciliation Bench?

The one-of-its-kind Jupitice Conciliation Bench is designed and developed exclusively for resolving disputes without the intervention of lawyers. It primarily focuses on facilitating dispute resolution and guaranteeing a fair outcome for disputing parties within 30 days. It provides disputing parties with a world-class platform that enables users to conduct end-to-end proceedings online. The entire proceedings are conducted by an experienced conciliator who is well-versed in the dynamics of the process and helps you find the best possible settlement terms.

The best part of opting for the Conciliation Bench is that it understands the intricacies of the settlement and ensures utmost confidentiality throughout the process. If you wish to resolve your disputes quickly and efficiently from the comfort of your home, the Jupitice Conciliation Bench can be your go-to solution. A Case Management Team will also work to guide you through the process and ensure streamlined proceedings for the disputing parties. Furthermore, the disputing parties don’t have to put their lives on hold to attend the case proceedings as they can do so more efficiently by simply accessing the Jupitice Digital Conciliation Room.

The Conciliation Bench facilitates end-to-end conciliation proceedings that help you receive justice within stipulated time, allowing you to dodge expensive, traditional legal processes.


A Flexible and Confidential Way to Resolve Disputes

Ever thought of resolving your disputes without a lawyer? It’s possible if you turn to the Jupitice Conciliation Bench to take care of your dispute resolution process. We ensure to provide the disputing parties with an informal and flexible way of resolving disputes that not only eliminates the need to hire a lawyer but also guarantees a fair outcome in just 30 days. From helping parties appoint the right Conciliator to providing information about possible terms of the settlement, we offer complete administrative assistance for the conduct of conciliation proceedings. Furthermore, Jupitice also ensures that confidentiality of proceedings is maintained throughout the process.

How It Works

One Platform for All Services

Conduct End-to-End Proceedings from Drafting to Decision in 6 Simple Steps

Case Initiation

Case Initiation
(Pre-Existing Agreement)

  • Online request to Jupitice along with Claim information & Respondent information
  • Automated Verification of the Request Form
  • Generation of Unique Case Number
  • Electronic Intimation to Respondent/s regarding the Request for Conciliation
  • Intimation regarding the Payment of Filing & Processing fees to all parties
  • Dashboard for Case Overview, Tracking Activities, Tasks, Status & Case Management
  • Multilingual Capabilities

Case Initiation
(Non-Existing Agreement)

  • Online Invitation to the Respondent to amicably settle the dispute
  • Building & execution of Agreement to Conciliate
  • Multiple discussions between the parties via video conferencing
ppointment of Conciliator

Appointment of Conciliator

  • Find, Choose and Appoint a Conciliator from the exclusive Jupitice Justice Services Marketplace
  • Intimation of Conciliator's Fees & Expenditures
  • Online Deposit in Escrow Account
Submission Stage

Submission Stage

  • E-filing of Statements by the parties
  • Submission of Additional Information, Documents/Evidence by the parties
Discussion & Meetings

Discussion & Meetings

  • Multiple discussions between the parties & the Conciliator via video conferencing
  • Proposals by Conciliator(s)


  • Auto Dictation
  • Digital Notebook
  • Custom Template Library with Placeholders
  • Authentication of Settlement Agreement through Digital Signatures


  • Drafting of Termination/Failure report by Conciliator

Our Conciliators

Supreme Court & High Court

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