What is Digital Justice Services?

A disputant-centric assortment of ADR benches that offers online administered Arbitration, Conciliation, and Mediation Services are collectively termed Digital Justice Services. These facilitate faster and cost-effective resolution of disputes. The disputants can opt for any dispute resolution bench that suits their dispute type from Jupitice Digital Justice Services. They can obtain a court-enforceable decision within 15-90 days of filing their complaint. Furthermore, the decision will be a deemed Court Decree under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996.

Unlike traditional courts, where individuals themselves physically perform all incidental and necessary steps, Jupitice has shifted all dispute resolution stages to its online platform where it has seamlessly integrated its software with 50+ tools. These provide you with the capabilities to perform the entire procedure on your own-from the filing stage to that of the decision-further offering end-to-end visibility and predictability. The user-centric approach of the platform enables participants to perform a range of processes online, including:

Additionally, Jupitice saves you from the hassles of finding the right Arbitrator/Conciliator/Mediator with its ADR Marketplace, along with saving you the cost of arranging a conference room for conducting the ADR proceedings with its own Digital ADR Room. Jupitice follows the world’s best Procedural Rules inspired by the UN and leading arbitration centres to provide ADR Services. A team of professional Case Managers oversees the ADR proceedings and provides technical assistance whenever required.

Under this solution, you will have an easy-to-use interface that provides all the following services in one place:


Access Justice From the Comforts of Your Home

Ain’t you tired of approaching traditional courts & ADR Centres to resolve your disputes? Experience the new way of availing justice with Jupitice’s Digital Justice Services & bid adieu to expensive litigation & court hassles. The Digital Justice Services enables all stakeholders to perform an end-to-end dispute resolution process all on a single platform from anywhere in the world. We offer administered Mediation, Conciliation, or Arbitration services by providing next-generation Digital ADR Room, Professional Case Managers, Global Elite Panel of Arbitrators, Conciliators, Mediators, Lawyers, Experts etc. Ditch traditional justice systems & switch to Jupitice’s Digital Justice Services to resolve your disputes within just 30 days.

Small Claims Bench
MSME Bench
Mediation Bench
Conciliation Bench
Arbitration Bench
ODR Services
Lok Adalat as a Service

Know Your Bench

If you are still confused about which Bench suits the best to your dispute-type, connect with our experts

Small Claims Bench MSME Bench Mediation Conciliation Arbitration

Complexity of Dispute

Low Medium to High Low Low Low to High

Needs of Disputants

Strong Legal Recognition Swift Resolution Swift Resolution Swift Resolution Strong Legal Recognition

Legal Outcome

Enforceable Award (akin to Decree) Settlement Agreement/Enforceable Award Negotiated Settlement Neutral Legal Assessment / Settlement Agreement Enforceable Award (akin to Decree)

Time Span

30 days 90 days 30 days 30 days 60 days


Cost effective Cost effective Economical Economical Cost effective


Not as a General Rule Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed Not as a General Rule

Procedural Formalities

Low Low Least Least Low

File Your Claim File Your Claim File Your Claim File Your Claim File Your Claim

Fee Calculator

The costs are fixed by Jupitice in accordance with the schedule
of costs attached to the Jupitice set of rules.

Governing Council & Key Neutrals

Jupitice Trust

  • No Service Delivery- No Payment
  • Guaranteed Fee Payment upon Service delivery
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Transparent Fee and Cost
  • Verified & Vetted Profiles
  • Full Refund of Subscription of Delivery Platform if service not delivered by ADR Practitioner hired from Jupitice Marketplace
  • Payment to Service Provider upon your approval through Escrow Account
  • No Delivery of Service – No Payment
  • Full Refund of Subscription of Delivery Platform if service not delivered by ADR Practitioner hired from Jupitice Marketplace.
  • Milestone linked Payment Plan
  • Quality Through Compliance of Terms of Service
  • Dispute Settlement Mechanism
  • Vetted & Verified ADR Practitioners
  • Rated & Reviewed ADR Practitioners
  • Transparency in Fee Disclosure
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Guaranteed Payment through Escrow Services
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanism
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover

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