What are ODR Services?

The Jupitice ODR Services help individuals resolve their e-commerce disputes, B2B disputes, B2C disputes, cross-border disputes, stuck payment disputes, and others in accordance with the Model UN and APEC Procedural Rules to obtain a court-enforceable decision within 30 days.

Failed transactions or stuck payments have always been a nightmare for people making online transactions and e-Commerce purchases. Resolving such issues can take a toll on mental and financial health, both.

This is precisely why Jupitice has successfully designed and developed the first global, ultra-advanced Cloud-Based ODR Platform. The platform is powered by AI and Blockchain, which further leverages next-generation and state-of-the-art technologies, including but not limited to ICT, AI, Blockchain, Neural Machine Learning on Translation, IoT, Smart Contracts, etc.

The end-to-end, three-stage ODR process, including Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration, primarily focuses on resolving cross-border or online disputes arising from low-value sales or faulty e-commerce transactions. The ultimate goal is to eliminate legal hurdles such as expensive, in-person proceedings.

The platform is curated with 50+ advanced tools, including video conferencing and a chat room so that disputing parties can attend proceedings from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, its enriched, global panel of world-class and experienced ADR professionals contributes to resolving all complex legal issues by staying in compliance with the Procedural Rules. The platform also supports multilingual capabilities.

Our platform is designed exclusively to facilitate online dispute resolution with utmost efficiency and confidentiality. Users can make online transactions without worrying about anything. Jupitice is here to handle all your disputes.


Seeking Justice for e-Commerce Disputes Gets as Easy as Shopping Online

How often do you let go of failed transactions or stuck payments online? Have you been dissatisfied with the refund policy of your favourite e-commerce platform? Does the idea of landing into a dispute stop you from investing in cross-border trade? Resolving disputes arising in cyberspace can be overwhelming for many; however, with the support of the Jupitice ODR services, you need not worry about a thing! Jupitice provides speedy and cost-effective dispute resolution for your online disputes. This also saves you from never-ending court proceedings while ensuring a quality outcome. The online-administered ODR Services save disputing parties from needless travel, physical appearances in courts, and other formalities for seeking justice. This three-staged dispute resolution process - consisting of Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration - promises a court-enforceable decision (valid in over 166 countries) within just 30 days.

  • *Best Suited For:
  • e-Commerce Disputes
  • Delayed Payments
  • Refund Issues
  • Stuck Digital Payments
  • Return Issues
  • B2B & B2C Disputes
  • Cross-Border Disputes

How It Works

With the Jupitice ODR Services, you can conduct the end-to-end proceedings in 4 simple steps.



  • Online request to Jupitice along with Claim Information and Other Party's information
  • Automated Verification of Claim Form
  • Generation of Unique Case Number
  • Scrutiny of Case Documents
  • Electronic intimation to the other party regarding the request for ODR proceedings
  • Response to ODR proceedings (including Counterclaim)
  • Response to Counterclaim
  • Intimation regarding the payment of Filing and Processing fees to both parties
  • Dashboard for Case Overview, Tracking Activities, Tasks, Status and Case Management
  • Multilingual Capabilities


  • Online Hearing
  • Custom Template Library with Placeholders
  • Drafting of Settlement Deed
  • Deliberations through an inbuilt Chat Room
  • Digital Notebook
  • Authentication of Settlement Agreements through Digital Signatures
  • Find, Choose and Hire a Mediator from the exclusive Jupitice Justice Services Marketplace
  • Hearing through an inbuilt Chat Room via audio and video
  • Caucus Room (Separate Session)
  • Custom Template Library with Placeholders
  • Drafting of Settlement Deed
  • Deliberations through an inbuilt Chat Room
  • Digital Notebook
  • Authentication of Settlement Agreements through Digital Signatures
  • Find, Choose and Hire an Arbitrator from the exclusive Jupitice Justice Services Marketplace
  • Deliberations through an inbuilt Chat Room
  • Auto Dictation
  • Arguments and Deposition Summarisation
  • Digital Notebook
  • Custom Template Library with Placeholders
  • AI-Assisted Legal Database
  • Authentication of Awards through Digital Signatures

Award & Settlement

  • Auto Dictation
  • Custom Template Library with Placeholders
  • AI-Assisted Legal Database
  • Authentication of Settlement Agreements or Awards through Digital Signatures

Online Payments

  • Online Deposit of Fees and Costs in Escrow Account
  • Auto transfer from the bank account of the losing parties upon Settlement or Awards (Smart Contract)

What You Get

Underlying Technology Framework
ODR Platform

A Next-Generation Smart ODR Platform that totally eliminates the need of papers and presence in the proceedings. All events, activities and tasks are pre-configured in an automated workflow that enables and facilitates all the participants to perform the entire procedure on a single secured platform to ensure privacy and confidentiality of the information.

Operating System Icon
Experienced & Qualified Neutral

Jupitice understands the value of an experienced and well-qualified Neutral when resolving disputes under ADR mechanisms. Jupitice provides a list of Neutrals (best suited for your dispute type) so that you don’t have to worry about it. The parties must nominate one Neutral from the list within specified time. If the parties fail to reach a consensus, the Jupitice Governing Council will appoint the Neutral to commence proceedings.

Underlying Technology Framework
Governing Council

The Jupitice Governing Council ensures that the entire Arbitration proceedings are performed properly and in accordance with the Procedural Rules, Code of Conduct and Guidelines, within the stipulated time. The Jupitice Governing Council is an ensemble of retired judges, experienced lawyers and other experts that also scrutinises all the Arbitral Awards to reinforce quality outcomes and enforceability.

Underlying Technology Framework
ODR Processes

We offer all the following options to suit your needs. 

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Underlying Technology Framework
Procedural Rules

Inspired by leading arbitration institutions across the globe, Jupitice has also formulated a list of its own simplified, fair, and transparent ODR Procedural Rules. These Procedural Rules are mainly inspired by the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules 2013, the APEC collaborative framework for ODR and Model Procedural Rules, the UNCITRAL Technical Notes on ODR, the ICC Procedural rules, the SIAC, the LCIA, and the HKIAC, among others. The Digital Arbitration Bench allows you to customise the procedural rules to suit your ADR needs.

Underlying Technology Framework
Case Management Team

No need to worry about your case proceedings when you have Jupitice Case Managers by your side. Our Case Managers are the first Points of Contact for all your queries, ensuring a seamless communication channel during the entire Arbitration proceedings. These Case Managers are well-qualified and experienced to assist you in managing the entire life cycle of your case and providing technical support whenever required.

Underlying Technology Framework
Ecosystem Services

Jupitice facilitates a seamless, efficient and economical dispute resolution process by providing parties all Ecosystem Services in one place. Parties can buy value-added services at any stage of the proceedings as per their own convenience. Jupitice Ecosystem Services not only save the time and efforts of parties during dispute resolution but also ensure quality outcomes.

Underlying Technology Framework
Online Payments

Jupitice offers you a variety of methods to make payments online.

Underlying Technology Framework
Escrow Services

Jupitice also provides users with Escrow Services to receive, hold, deliver and disburse payments for the sale and purchase of any services transacted on the Jupitice Marketplace.

Jupitice Trust

  • No Service Delivery –- No Payment
  • Guaranteed Fee Payment upon Service Delivery
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Transparent Fees and Costs
  • Verified & Vetted Profiles
  • Full Refund of Subscription of Delivery Platform if Service Not Delivered by ADR Practitioner Hired from the Jupitice Marketplace
  • Payment to Service Provider upon Your Approval through Escrow Account
  • No Delivery of Service – No Payment
  • Full Refund of Subscription of Delivery Platform if Service Not Delivered by ADR Practitioner Hired from the Jupitice Marketplace
  • Milestone-Linked Payment Plan
  • Quality Through Compliance of Terms of Service
  • Dispute Settlement Mechanism
  • Vetted & Verified ADR Practitioners
  • Rated & Reviewed ADR Practitioners
  • Transparency in Fee Disclosure
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Guaranteed Payment through Escrow Services
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanism
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover

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