Digitally Transforming the Dispute Resolution Experience

Explore the Jupitice products designed to cater to the rising demands of the dispute resolution ecosystem. To realise our vision of providing 'Justice as a Service,' Jupitice has developed various products for the current and evolving needs of justice stakeholders. As the World’s First Justice Technology Company, Jupitice offers its standalone justice technology products, which bring all stakeholders on a single platform online, to perform the end-to-end dispute resolution process (from drafting the case to final awards and settlement) via Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation or other dispute resolution processes. These products are completely flexible, agile, and scaleble and can be designed and customised as per the desired mechanisms and processes.

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The Digital Room

One Platform, All Solutions

A Global Digital Venue to Conduct ADR Proceedings

Why hire an expensive conference room which also requires travelling and lodging to conduct Arbitration/Conciliation/Mediation proceedings when you can do it all online while being at home? The all-in-one Jupitice Digital ADR Room offers a host of features and capabilities that enable the stakeholders to conduct the proceedings in an integrated and seamless manner. It also facilitates the end-to-end dispute resolution process that includes, but is not limited to, drafting the petition, filing, online hearing, presentation of evidence (secured by Blockchain), examination and cross-examination of witnesses, online arguments, drafting and digital signing of Awards and settlements, online payments and many more, all on a single cloud-based platform.

The ADR Platform

The Digital ADR Centre

A Digital Solution for ADR Centre

Is your Arbitration Centre still dependent on third-party tools/applications for its operations? You don’t need those anymore!. The Jupitice ADR Platform is all set to transform your technology-dependent ADR Centre to a technology-driven ADR Centre. This enables the end-to-end execution of the online justice delivery process. The completely flexible, agile, and scaleble ADR Platform can be designed and customised as per the existing mechanisms and processes of various ADR Centres across the globe. Update your existing Arbitration/Mediation Centre with the Jupitice ADR Platform and ensure that it is future-ready to meet the current and evolving justice needs of disputants.

The ODR Platform

ODR Platform

A Global System to Resolve e-Commerce Disputes

Are your litigation cases stacking up? If you’re finding it hard to build brand trust and loyalty among your customers/vendors, then it is time for you to offer them an improved dispute resolution ecosystem. Integrate the Jupitice Smart and Intelligent ODR Platform with your internal grievance handling system and encourage clients to settle disputes out of the courts in the comforts of their homes. Jupitice is the only guided ODR Platform designed as per the UN and APEC Recommended Procedural Rules. It involves a three-tier dispute resolution process (Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration) and reduces the dependence of disputants on lawyers while integrating with your existing dispute resolution ecosystem.

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