Next-Generation Technology to Digitalise the Traditional
Justice System

What happens when an antiquated justice delivery system attempts to understand and cater to the rising justice problems of individuals? It’s set up for failure. Currently, over 5 billion people across the world don’t have access to meaningful justice and global justice systems are failing to deliver. With the Jupitice Next-Generation JusTech solutions, it’s time to strengthen and streamline the traditional justice system and make justice more accessible, cost-effective and simpler while significantly improving the efficiency of justice delivery systems.

Government as a Platform

Making systems more efficient by breaking down silos

Imagine a government organised like an operating system. This is now an achievable reality with the Jupitice Foundational Technology infrastructure which is designed and built for the State and Federal governments to facilitate and enable them to bring their Administrative Justice Arms on to a single platform with a single interface. This would fuel the re-architecture of the Government as a Single Enterprise to deliver Citizen-Centric, Efficient, Transparent and Responsive Administrative Justice Services. This platform adheres to the architectural needs of the State Governments keeping in mind the vision of IndEA, i.e., to provide a One Government experience to citizens and businesses by offering integrated services through multiple channels in a contactless, frictionless manner.

Lok Adalat as a Platform

Re-inventing the People’s Court in the Digital Age

Innovative solutions to resolve mass cases

It is now a tangible reality to have an alternative to court hassles, long queues, and expensive litigation while also availing a court-enforceable decision. The Jupitice feature of the Lok Adalat as a Platform is an effective mechanism that not only decongests courts but also encourages out-of-court settlements. We have digitalised the Lok Adalats to make them more accessible and efficient. Lok Adalat is a forum where disputes/cases pending in the courts of law or those that are in the pre-litigation stage are settled/compromised amicably under the Legal Service Authority Act, 1987. The award (decision) made by the Lok Adalats is deemed to be a decree of a civil court. It is final and binding on all parties. There is no court fee payable when a matter is filed in a Lok Adalat.

*Best Suited For

  • Banks
  • NBFCs
  • Telecom Companies
  • e-Commerce Companies
  • Insurance Companies etc
The Quasi-Judicial Platform

The Quasi-Judicial Platform

Empowering Citizens by Strengthening the Administrative Justice System

A zero-paper and zero-footfall Quasi-Judicial ecosystem is now a reality! The all-new, cloud-based Jupitice Quasi-Judicial Platform helps the government with qualitative adjudication, better governance, enhanced transparency, improved productivity, streamlined operations, and efficient delivery of quality services to the public. The Quasi-Judicial platform helps the administrative agencies and statutory bodies perform their quasi-judicial functions (including but not limited to Adjudication, Enquiry and Investigation, Regulation Compliances, Formal Meetings, Panels etc.) end-to-end online on a single platform.

The Judicial Platform

Ease of Justice

The burgeoning issue of case pendency cannot be solved without a seismic digital transformation. The Jupitice Judicial Platform is a digital solution to realise the concept of an end-to-end e-Court facility that not only resolves the issue of a long and tiring justice delivery system but also improves ease of justice. With the Jupitice Judicial Platform, you can experience a new justice order where justice is a service that is brought to the doorsteps of every citizen.

The Judicial Platform

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