About Jupitice

“Everything is online except Justice. The idea that Justice is not just a sovereign function but should be treated as a Service just like other actors was where it all started and now stands as a reality in the form of Jupitice.”
About Jupitice

At the core, Jupitice in itself is an innovation that was conceived to improve the “Access to Justice” using technology. We are the world’s first Justice Technology, which is like an Operating System designed to develop Domain Platforms to deliver Digital Justice Services through Quasi-Judicial Mechanisms/Administrative Justice Mechanisms, Judicial Mechanisms, & ADR Mechanisms etc. This Operating Platform is a Foundational Technology Infrastructure & Shared Framework that provides Context-Independent Components such as Platforms, Processes, Skills, Connections, Data & Knowledge to facilitate the creation of an infinite number of solutions & services.

Jupitice Justice Technology Platform provides end-to-end abilities i.e. Adjudicative, Administrative, and Data Analytics & Reporting to plead and conduct the entire proceedings under the above-mentioned mechanisms and more, from the filing of disputes to decision making, all on a Single Platform. All of this was developed through intensive research by domain experts and leveraging New Age Technologies such as ICT, Cloud Computing, AI/ML, Blockchain, Data Analytics, etc. to empower and enable all the stakeholders in the Justice Ecosystem.

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