What is Arbitration Bench?

With the Jupitice Arbitration Bench, disputing parties can dodge complex procedural formalities and resolve disputes within 60 days or less. File your dispute with the exclusive Arbitration Bench and receive a court-enforceable Arbitration Award in less than two months. This end-to-end online platform guards stakeholders from tedious paperwork, waiting in long queues, and most importantly, the stress that comes with litigation.

Given the high case pendency in Indian courts, the Arbitration Bench can become an effective alternative to litigation for individuals, MSMEs, enterprises, and governments. From appointing the right Arbitrator who suits your case type to providing you with a digitally advanced ADR room to conduct arbitration proceedings, the Jupitice Arbitration Bench ensures a speedy resolution of disputes with quality outcomes.

You don’t have to travel anywhere since you can now resolve disputes, attend arbitration proceedings and receive an arbitral award with just a few clicks from the comfort of your home. Jupitice conducts arbitration proceedings in accordance with Procedural Rules, Code of Conduct and Guidelines adopted by the leading arbitration centres worldwide.

Bid goodbye to financially and mentally draining legal procedures To resolve your disputes quickly, efficiently and inexpensively via the Jupitice online Arbitration Bench.


No More Expensive Litigation

Still opting for expensive litigation when you can settle your disputes with mutual consent? Avoid never-ending court delays by filing your legal disputes online with the exclusive Jupitice Arbitration Bench and resolve your disputes quickly and effectively. Unlike litigation, this alternative needs no complex procedural formalities and guarantees to resolve your disputes within 60 days. Now, obtain an Arbitration Award, i.e., a court-enforceable deemed decree in less than two months without having to wait in long queues or physically appear in courts and, most importantly, without any paperwork.

  • *Best Suited For:
  • Individuals
  • MSMEs
  • Enterprises
  • Government

How It Works

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Conduct End-to-End Proceedings From Drafting to Decision in 9 Simple Steps

Case initiation Icon

Case Initiation
(in case of pre-existing agreement)

  • Drafting of Notice and list of Claims by the Claimant
  • Scrutiny of Notice and Claims by Case Manager
  • Electronic Intimation to the Respondent's
  • Online Payment
  • Automated Notifications and Reminders
  • Role-based Dashboards
  • Multiple actions for all received and sent documents

Case Initiation
(in case of non-existing agreement)

  • Drafting of Request for Arbitration by the Claimant
  • Online discussions between parties
  • Building and execution of Arbitration Submission Agreement
Appointment of Arbitrator Icon

Appointment of Arbitrator

  • Find, Choose and Appoint the Arbitrator(s) from the exclusive Jupitice Justice Services Marketplace
  • Online Deposit in Escrow Account
  • Online Payments of Fee and Expenditure
Preliminary Hearing Icon

Preliminary Hearing

  • e-Notice to the parties
  • Online Hearing
Pleadings Icon


  • e-Filing of the entire pleadings along with the evidence and related documents
  • e-Filing of various miscellaneous applications wherever necessary
  • All documents stored in secured repository with appropriate levels of security and access control
Discovery & Inspection Icon

Discovery & Inspection

  • Requests for Admissions
  • Interrogatories
  • Requests for Production
Framing Arbitrator Icon

Framing of issues by the Arbitrator

  • e-Framing of issues by the Arbitrator
Evidence Icon


  • e-Submission of Evidence
  • Remote Examination and Cross Examination of Witnesses and Experts
  • Blockchain Storage for Sensitive Evidence
  • Access to Legal Database with AI-based search ability
Hearing Icon


  • Hearing through inbuilt Chat Room
  • Caucus Room
  • e-Scheduling and Notifications
  • Automated Recording, Transcription and Translation
  • Digital Notebook to Flag and Tag relevant information and documents
  • Digital Whiteboard
  • Presentation via Document Presentation Tool and screen sharing
Awards & Settlements Icon

Awards & Settlements

  • Building and execution of Arbitral award
  • Auto Dictation
  • Summarisation of Arguments and Deposition
  • Digital Notebook
  • Custom Template Library with Placeholders
  • AI assisted search of Legal Database
  • Authentication of Awards through Digital Signatures

Our Arbitrators

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  • Guaranteed Fee Payment upon Service delivery
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Transparent Fee and Cost
  • Verified & Vetted Profiles
  • Full Refund of Subscription of Delivery Platform if service not delivered by ADR Practitioner hired from Jupitice Marketplace
  • Payment to Service Provider upon your approval through Escrow Account
  • No Delivery of Service – No Payment
  • Full Refund of Subscription of Delivery Platform if service not delivered by ADR Practitioner hired from Jupitice Marketplace.
  • Milestone linked Payment Plan
  • Quality Through Compliance of Terms of Service
  • Dispute Settlement Mechanism
  • Vetted & Verified ADR Practitioners
  • Rated & Reviewed ADR Practitioners
  • Transparency in Fee Disclosure
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Guaranteed Payment through Escrow Services
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanism
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover
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