What is MSME Bench?

The Jupitice MSME Bench provides a faster and cost-effective alternative for MSMEs to resolve disputes via Arbitration. Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises and Startups can file disputes related to delayed payments, Intellectual Property, and more on this platform. The MSME Bench saves you from the hassles of approaching the traditional courts and ensures resolution in under 30 days. Unlike litigation, the MSME Bench also saves parties from the risk of stuck cash flow so that you can focus on your business fearlessly.

The platform is designed in such a way that you can conduct your arbitration proceedings efficiently with the technical assistance of our qualified Case Managers who ensure a seamless communication channel during arbitration proceedings. They are also the first points of contact in case of any queries.

With the Jupitice MSME Bench, you also get a platform to conduct your Arbitration proceedings, a Governing Council to oversee it, and a qualified Neutral who suits your dispute type.


Don’t Let Disputes Stop You From Focusing on Your Business

Are delayed payments or other disputes taking a toll on your small business? Dealing with business disputes can be expensive, time-consuming and stressful when hiring an in-house legal counsel is not an option for you. That’s when you need the Jupitice MSME Bench. Not only does it save you from being entangled in business disputes but it also ensures a steady cash flow. Now, resolving disputes and managing business operations can go hand-in-hand with an assured resolution in under 30 days. Say goodbye to expensive litigation and stress when you have Jupitice to take care of your business disputes.

  • *Best Suited For:
  • Micro Enterprises
  • Small Enterprises
  • Medium Enterprises
  • Startups

How It Works

Bring your business disputes to Jupitice and let us take care of the rest. We provide an array of services
and an Online Platform to assist you throughout your dispute resolution process.

Eligibility check

Check Eligibility

Jupitice Platform enables parties to check whether they fall into the eligibility criteria to commence MSME dispute resolution process through Arbitration.

Registration & Filing of Case Icon

Registration & Filing of Case

Jupitice will make it easier for you to file a case by uploading supporting documents, making payments and submitting the case.

Scrutiny of Case Icon

Scrutiny of Case

Jupitice Platform scrutinises the case to highlight any deficiency in the filing documents, in the absence of which, it proceeds to carefully examine the case details.

Case Sent for Arbitration Icon

Case Sent for Arbitration

After scrutiny, the case will be sent for Arbitration where an Arbitrator will make the final Award available to the disputing parties, which will be binding on both parties.

Submit Arbitration Agreement Icon

Submit Arbitration Agreement

Jupitice Platform enables the disputing parties to draft and execute Arbitration Agreements to commence proceedings.

Appointment of Neutral Icon

Appointment of Neutral

Jupitice will provide parties a list of three experienced and qualified Neutrals, who are best suited to their dispute type. The parties must nominate one Arbitrator from the list within specified time. If the parties fail to reach a consensus, then the Jupitice Governing Council will appoint the Neutral to commence proceedings.

Online Case Management System Icon

Online Case Management System

Disputing parties no longer have to worry about drafting and filing a statement of claim, statement of defence, rejoinder, replication etc. The Jupitice Online Case Management System enables the parties to do it all on their own. With the help of pre-designed templates, the disputing parties can file/draft any case-related document on a single platform.

Online Hearing Room Icon

Online Hearing Room

With the Jupitice Online Hearing Room, you don’t have to travel miles to attend case hearings before the Neutral. The AI-powered Hearing Room enables the disputing parties to attend hearings online in a seamless and effortless manner.

Fast-Track Procedures Icon

Fast-Track Procedures

The Jupitice dispute resolution process stands out because it has been crafted by highly qualified and experienced retired judges and lawyers while following Fast-track Procedures. The procedures have also been inspired by the UNCITRAL Model Procedures among many other accepted ones worldwide.

Bench Administration Icon

Bench Administration

To ensure that proceedings are conducted seamlessly, a professional team of Jupitice Case Managers will assist the participants at every stage of dispute resolution. This team will also administer and coordinate the entire proceedings to avoid glitches.

The Governing Council Icon

The Governing Council

Jupitice will ensure that the entire proceedings are conducted under the supervision of a Governing Council to ensure efficiency and quality outcome. The Jupitice Governing Council is an ensemble of retired judges, experienced lawyers and other experts.

Our Neutral Panel

Supreme Court & High Court

Fee Calculator

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Legal Consultation

From non-judicial work to the drafting of contracts, Jupitice offers legal consultation to help your business thrive. We connect you with the best professionals who provide advice for techno-legal formalities, and the value of Intellectual Property (IP) assets among others. Click here if you want to consult us for your business needs.


Jupitice Trust

  • No Service Delivery- No Payment
  • Guaranteed Fee Payment upon Service delivery
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Transparent Fee and Cost
  • Verified & Vetted Profiles
  • Full Refund of Subscription of Delivery Platform if service not delivered by ADR Practitioner hired from Jupitice Marketplace
  • Payment to Service Provider upon your approval through Escrow Account
  • No Delivery of Service – No Payment
  • Full Refund of Subscription of Delivery Platform if service not delivered by ADR Practitioner hired from Jupitice Marketplace.
  • Milestone linked Payment Plan
  • Quality Through Compliance of Terms of Service
  • Dispute Settlement Mechanism
  • Vetted & Verified ADR Practitioners
  • Rated & Reviewed ADR Practitioners
  • Transparency in Fee Disclosure
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Guaranteed Payment through Escrow Services
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanism
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover

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