What is Justice Services Marketplace?

The Jupitice Justice Seervices Marketplace, the world’s largest online hub of independent dispute resolution professionals, connects disputants with dispute resolution professionals such as Arbitrators, Mediators, Conciliators, Attorneys, etc. The dispute resolution platforms, ADR Centres, and institutions registered on the platform are carefully vetted and reviewed by the Jupitice expert panel of retired judges from the Supreme Court of India and various High Courts.

The Justice Services Marketplace facilitates the disputing parties to find and hire the right match who meets their requirements such as budget, domain-based expertise, language, location, success rate, etc. The platform also helps the disputing parties to formalise their relationship with the ADR Professionals by drafting a contract using digital templates and signing the same digitally.

You can easily find and hire a dispute resolution professional who matches your requirements by using our user-friendly tools such as AI-powered Search, Negotiation Room, Evaluation Tools, Drafting Engagement Contracts, Digital Signature, online payment of fees, escrow services, etc. to protect the interest of buyers and sellers.

You can also find your Neutrals by posting your requirements and getting many proposals from eligible dispute resolution professionals. You will have the opportunity to compare, negotiate, directly engage and pay their fees online through our escrow and wallet Services.

The Justice Services Marketplace also offers Escrow Services through which Neutrals will receive payment soon after the completion of each stage of their services after receiving permission from the clients. The Marketplace also provides several value added services, such as Legal Research and Analysis, Documents Review Services, Tribunal Secretary and many more.

Justice Services Marketplace

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Connecting with ADR practitioners worldwide is now easier with the Jupitice Justice Services Marketplace. Find the finest ADR practitioners under one roof and let them guide you through your dispute resolution journey. Browse, Compare & Hire Neutrals (Arbitrators, Conciliators, Mediators, Negotiators), Lawyers, ADR centres, Law Firms and other justice ecosystem service providers. Negotiate your terms of service and payment online using customised applications and tools. Explore the only curated marketplace for all things ADR!


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The AI-powered Jupitice search engine guarantees the right match best suited for your case type.


Post Your Requirements

The sooner you start posting requirements, the more proposals you will get to choose from within a matter of just a few hours. Compare, negotiate and choose directly from the list of quotes submitted by qualified dispute resolution professionals.

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Hire the right match by evaluating and comparing the received quotes to enable further drafting and execution of the contract online. This is done using Smart Templates, Digital Signature and other collaboration tools.

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Subscribe to the Jupitice Digital ADR Room and conduct your entire ADR proceedings online. From drafting to filing to decision - everything is done on a single platform.

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Make Secured Payments

Choose from multiple payment methods and pay as per the terms of your contract such as milestone payments or bullet payments with the help of Jupitice Escrow Services.

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