What is Government as a Platform?

The Government as a Platform service of Jupitice is a centralised repository that offers deep insights into a range of complex issues, trends, perspectives and predictability for using the same for policy formulation and decision-making. It is a nationwide Enterprise Digital Solution that offers services through an integrated and interoperable system that cuts across agencies. Jupitice has reimagined and reinvented the way public services are conceived, designed, operated, and managed. This framework has the potential to improve the way the government operates We have transformed processes and built them around users’ needs while being mindful of cultural changes.

Jupitice is the first company that has implemented a Digital Strategy to harness the power of technology and innovation to respond more effectively to the challenges faced by the traditional Administrative Justice System. With this strategy, Jupitice puts forth a long-term vision to create a world in which digitalisation is an empowering force to create a more inclusive and resilient digital justice ecosystem. Jupitice believes in leaving no one behind.

The Problem Statement

Multiple government levels, departments, and organisations work in their silos with their unique information technology solutions, which usually do not speak to each other and create interoperability issues. As the departments digitise their services and functions independently, they duplicate the efforts of other departments in gathering all this information. It is an inefficient, expensive approach, with data being siloed.

In almost all public organisations, the technology is built on centuries-old organisational structures and processes, making them even more laborious and expensive to change.

Today, we can shop for amenities, book services, transfer funds and do much more online anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Can availing Administrative Justice Services be as easy as ordering on an ecommerce site?

Approach & Methodology

Jupitice has adopted a holistic approach in the domain of e-Governance/Digital Governance. The targeted problem has been evident since long from the interoperability issues within and across the multiple clusters of stand-alone applications developed by the state and central ministries over the last decade.

Jupitice has designed individual projects and a State or Central Enterprise Architecture based on Federated Approach whereby the participant entities build up their solutions and services using the Common Foundational Technology Infrastructure and Common Assets. This has given complete autonomy to the states to develop and implement their own customised IT solutions by leveraging the pre-built customisable platform and other components while integrating them with the Centre. The role of the Centre would be majorly confined to prescribing standards and guidelines to unify the platform holistically.

Jupitice offers its services to Federal and State Governments for researching, designing, developing and implementing customised Administrative Justice Platforms. These platforms will follow the local laws, culture and needs of the citizens by leveraging their foundational digital infrastructure platform, domain expertise and experiences.

Use Cases

Jupitice has researched, designed and developed the following Platforms for various states across India to deliver Administrative Justice Services in an integrated manner:

Government As A Platform for Administrative Justice System

Re-Architecting the Government as a Single Enterprise by Bringing the Quasi-Judicial Arm of a State and the Central Government on a Single Platform with a Single Interface

Develop on Platforms, Not in Silos

The need to adopt a holistic approach in the domain of e-Governance/Digital Governance has become evident over the last decade. The central and state governments need to rise above designing individual projects for each department, given the interoperability issues occurring due to the multiple clusters of stand-alone applications. It is imperative that governments provide citizens and businesses with timely, accessible, and citizen-centric services.

Break Silos

It’s time to break silos and combine the walled kingdoms of individual departments to render end-to-end Public Services (Dispute Resolution Services) in an integrated manner. Government as a Platform, a New Model for Public Services, refers to the whole ecosystem of shared components, APIs, Standards and Canonical Database to provide integrated services on an end-to-end basis.

JupiticeArchitecture Framework

Jupitice has come up with a holistic framework, Jupitice Architecture Framework (Jupitice EA), to help the government break silos and further re-architect the Government as a Single Enterprise. Jupitice EA recommends a Federated Architecture whereby the participant entities can customise/build their solutions on the Platform to make them interoperable with all other entities outside the enterprise.

The Solution

Operating System Icon
User-Centric Services

Jupitice has developed Government as a Platform, which delivers Administrative Justice Services. Citizens and businesses can access these services from the comforts of their homes/offices through multiple channels such as the web, mobile, and CSC. This Platform enables the state and central governments to bring the Quasi-Judicial Arm of the States, Central Government and Public Sector Enterprises onto a Single Platform to provide integrated services on an end-to-end basis. Central Ministries, State Ministries, and Government Agencies who wish to re-architect their enterprises for integrated delivery of Online Dispute Resolution Services, can use this Platform.

Underlying Technology Framework
Common Digital Infrastructure

Government as a Platform provides a common, core digital infrastructure of shared context-independent components such as a Pre-built Platform, Processes, Data, Connections, Knowledge and Standards to facilitate the creation of an infinite number of solutions for dispute resolution.

MoUs Signed with Federal & State Governments

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